Business Consulting and
Administrative Streamlining
Business Consulting and
Administrative Streamlining


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While we at Stratos Ideology offer a great deal of services to assist in numerous areas and tasks, we are a strategy based company, with a focus on the ideal end results.

We begin with the determination of an ideal level of overall task management, coupled with extreme organization, prioritization and necessary development. All, led by an extensive variety of professional knowledge, experience-based skills and proven tactic, as well as the ability to orchestrate tedious, burdensome or overwhelming tasks, efficiently and effectively, through completion. Of course, above-all, the ability to offer hands-on assistance, no matter how small or large the task, immediately.

Services Defined
Business Consulting (Laying the Corporate Groundwork)
Combination of services to business owner, entrepreneurs and professionals,to assist in organization, structure, strategy, development, streamlining and marketing.

Paralegal Services
Combination of services to legal professionals, to assist in the organization, preparation and dispatch of Pleadings, Motions, Notices, Discovery, Coordination of Trial Services and Trial Preparation.

Document/Form Preparation
SI offers assistance to pro se (unrepresented) parties in the filling out of forms or preparationof documents pro bono (without charge) for indigent (poverty-stricken) applicants. Qualification is necessary.

Corporate/Individual Tax Preparation
Corporate and Individual tax form preparation, quarterly and/or annually.

Bookkeeping/Payroll Services
Bookkeeping services (for businesses that prefer to outsource).

Electronic (Paperless) / Paper Recordkeeping (includes migration to Paperless)
Assistance in the migration from paper to paperless, coordination through execution, as well as document, file and records management.

Administrative Services
• General Office and Administrative Services.
• System and Record Organization and Management.
• Document/Form Preparation.
• Data Entry.

Transcription Services
Same day transcription services.

Scan/Copy Services
Same day courier services (within the local area).

Courier Services
SI offers same day courier services (within the local area) with the option to expedite.

Extreme Organization/Streamlining
We are proud to offer its unique “overhaul” type approach to organizing/reorganizing, restructuring/streamlining the overwhelming, inefficient or simply mundane tasks of both individuals and businesses to save both time and money.

Thanks so much to Kimberly. She really got our business out of a hole. We would probably still be stressed out and struggling if it wasn't for her. We threw 7 years of taxes at her and I couldn't believe how organized and fast she got them all done. Along with giving us the best advice to make our business run a lot smoother. Stratos Ideology will be who we go to for our taxes and any help we need to improve our business! Thank you Kimberly for all you do for us.

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